Adoption Reports

Are you considering adopting a child from another country? With our expertise in preparing adoption reports for parents-to-be Cloudberry Clinic can support you on your journey.

Psychological evaluations are a necessary step in the adoption process. They help to ensure that prospective parents are prepared and that each child’s wellbeing is protected. Although requirements can vary for each country, an evaluation will usually involve a clinical interview with each prospective parent and the completion of a psychological assessment.

At Cloudberry Clinic we understand that the process of international adoption can be a prolonged and emotionally challenging experience. For some, the idea of a psychological evaluation may seem intimidating and intrusive, which is why we work with you to make the process as simple and comfortable as possible.

Recognising that there is no such thing as the perfect parent and no ‘right’ answers to be a suitable candidate, you can relax knowing we are there to support you and that any concerns or issues you may have will be considered with understanding and compassion.