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Is it time for a chat?

Is it time for a chat?

Do you ever find yourself wondering why clinical psychologists like to see their clients for a series of sessions?

There can be a lot of value in establishing a relationship with a clinical psychologist. We like to get to a point of understanding your experience, the emotions you feel and the meaning you attach to things that happen in your life. Each session we get a mere snapshot of your life and who you are in it. The more we see you, the more we know you. And it’s a privilege to get to know you.

“People are cannot know them by their surface” Beau Taplin.

While we can do very effective short term solution-focused interventions (which may require only a few sessions), we also engage in longer term mentoring involving regular ongoing support or just checking back in as needed.

Often it’s the relationship itself that helps with healing. Our time together has meaning.

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