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You deserve some nurturing

You deserve some nurturing

At Cloudberry Clinic, we know how hard you work everyday. 

It can be challenging to find time to refuel and relax. 

We invite you to arrive a little earlier for your session and make yourself a complimentary cup of tea or coffee to drink prior to, during or after your sessions with us. 

Sit, sip and breathe.  


Nespresso machine and coffee pods (caffeinated and decaffeinated) with Lavazza 'Milk Up' frother

T2 English Breakfast

T2 Melbourbe Breakfast

T2 Chai

T2 Peppermint

Pukka Detox

Blackadder Liquorice Tea

Hot chocolate

Alternatively, if you prefer your drink to be made by professionals, we have 3 good quality cafes on the same street. Feel free to bring your coffee in for your session.  

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