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Good news regarding the treatment of eating disorders

Good news regarding the treatment of eating disorders

The Federal Government has approved access for up to 40 psychology sessions per year for Australians suffering from a severe eating disorder from November 2019.

It's so good to see such progress in the field of mental health care. 

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) when provided by a qualified and experienced practitioner, often in combination with other complementary approaches, can restore healthy eating attitudes and behaviours.  

We commonly have clients come to see us with issues around food and body image. It can be a challenge for women to work against self-limiting beliefs, media images and an unhelpful pattern of behaviours in isolation. 

Do you need to change your relationship with food?

Often, we find that those who come through an eating disorder can finally use all that strength they've been using to focus on food and body - towards living a life of purpose, meaning and joy. And eating....well...this can just become a pleasure. 

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