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When panic takes over

When panic takes over

The feeling of panic can be very scary and unpleasant, and can be accompanied by many physical symptoms such as racing heart, shortness or breath, shaking, lightheadedness, sensations of hot or cold, sweating, feeling faint to name a few.

There is good reason for this physical reaction, otherwise known as the fight or flight response. It can keep us safe when activated in situations of potential risk. For instance, when we have to move quickly to get out of the way of a speeding car when crossing the road. But sometimes our minds and bodies can get too good at activating this response, and in particular when there is no true threat. We can over estimate potential harm and at times our bodily response can be the thing that frightens us the most. 

Here is a recent article about the experience of panic attacks.

Nine Tips about Panic Attacks

The good news is, panic is common and can be treated. Getting to know how your body works under pressure and how the mind can contribute to stress is key. Psychological strategies can then be tailored to you, based on your unique characteristics and experience to get you back on track.  

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