For health professionals

Cloudberry Clinic offers evidence based treatments for the full range of women’s mental health disorders including anxiety, mood disorders, adjustment disorders, life transitions, relationship issues, grief and loss, and perinatal psychology.

Our professional and confidential clinical psychology sessions are provided in conjunction with other treatments to obtain a better outcome for the patient. This may be through a referral or by establishing a partnership through a Mental Health Care Plan.

Referring to us - helpful points... 

1. Clients may be referred by phone, email or directly via Healthlink (our EDI is cldberry). We will then follow up and ensure your patient receives a suitable appointment time. Healthlink enables us to correspond promptly and confidentially with our referrers once client approval is obtained, so that you are updated on progress.

2. We offer accessible health care with Medicare and Health Fund rebates claimable on-the-spot. If your patient is eligible for Medicare rebate through the Better Access to Mental Health Care Initiative, we require a mental health care plan devised by a GP, or a referral by a pediatrician or psychiatrist. 

3. We are also registered providers of Medicare approved Pregnancy Support Counselling. This item requires a GP referral (rather than a mental health care plan) for Medicare rebate. Patients are eligible for up to 3 sessions per pregnancy and sessions can be actioned any time within the first postnatal year. 

4. Alternatively, if no rebates are sought, patients can choose to see us privately. 

As part of our commitment to women’s health and wellbeing, we maintain ongoing professional development and actively seek better ways of doing things, guided by the most recent and relevant research. A combination of the highest qualifications, expertise and experience in the field ensure your patients will receive optimum support.

Cloudberry Clinic provides telephone consultation for professionals working with patients who may need advice in formulating a treatment plan or in making a referral. See our blog article for helpful conversation starters when assessing mental health.

We provide AHPRA board approved supervision to intern and practicing psychologists.

For further information or to make a referral to Dr Wendy Roncolato, please contact Cloudberry Clinic Reception on 1300 553 722 or via