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Return to Face-to-face sessions

Return to Face-to-face sessions

We are looking forward to offering you the option of face-to-face sessions at Cloudberry Clinic from the 30th June. Video and telephone (telehealth) sessions will also remain available ongoing. We would appreciate knowing your preference on booking so that we can prepare for your arrival at the clinic, send you a Zoom link, or call you for your session. The online booking portal will be changed to reflect these options on the 30th June. Until this time, please notify us of your preference via separate email or phone call to reception. 

If you are currently happy with your telehealth sessions, there is no urgency to change this arrangement. Medicare rebates are continuing for video and telephone session and there have been recent reports that the Federal Government are considering extending these rebates beyond September. We will keep you updated as information becomes available.

At the clinic, we have made the following adjustments for reopening to ensure everyone's comfort. Please note that even with the below changes, we cannot guarantee a completely sterile environment. If you have any concerns we suggest that you opt for video or phone sessions. It is important that you feel relaxed to discuss your issues with ease during your session. 

* Please do not attend the clinic if you have cold, flu or allergy symptoms (ANY of the following - cough, sneeze, runny nose, temperature, sore throat, shortness of breath, been overseas in the last month, or have been with a person with a confirmed case of COVID-19. We own a non-contact temperature device if you wish to check. If any of these symptoms develop we will waive cancellation fees for anyone who can transfer to video or telephone sessions, even at short notice. You will also be informed that your session has changed to telehealth in the event that a clinician develops any of the above symptoms. 

1. On arrival, we have hand sanitiser for use. We encourage you to use this on arrival and exit.
2. Our seating is set at least 1.5 metres between therapist and client, and the same applies for chairs in our waiting room. If anyone would prefer to wear a mask during sessions, you are encouraged to bring whatever would make you feel most comfortable to talk with ease. You are also able to request that a clinician wears a mask - we have a limited number available for clinician use. Please be aware that mask wearing can limit our ability to interpret facial expressions and we may ask further questions to clarify your thoughts and feelings.  
3. Initially, staff only will have access to the kitchen. If you would like a tea of coffee, we would be pleased to make one at your request using disposable gloves at any point during your session. Alternatively, you are welcome to bring your take-away from the local cafes.
4. Feel free to use the bathroom at anytime. We appreciate if you take your time to wash hands and place single use flannels in the basket provided.
5. Clinic rooms and waiting area will be disinfected between clients. 

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns, and your preference for any upcoming appointments from June 30th. 

Warm regards
Wendy, Sophie & Daisy

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